17 April 2009

TNLD Podcast 01: Andrew Connor of Ghosty

Drum roll, please…

Introducing the premier of The New Low Down podcast.

Podcast 01 features a chat with Andrew Connor of the band Ghosty. Specifically we chat about the track "Dumbo Wins Again" from Ghosty's most recent album Answers (on Oxblood Records). While "Dumbo" may not be "a song about heartbreak and failed relationships," as reported by NPR Music, it is a delicious and shiny pop jewel. It's also -- another drum roll, please --
TNLD's Song of the Year! (Actually last year, but still. Better late than never.)

Listen now:

Download the podcast

Andrew/Ghosty linkage

Ghosty on myspace

Ghosty's website - which includes all kinds of fun stuff, including a marimba version of Dumbo and more photos like this one by Jennifer Brothers.

Ghosty (l-r): Josh Adams, Mike Nolte, Jake Blanton, Andrew Connor, David Wetzel

Notes on TNLD Podcast
I plan to get these podcasts onto a regular schedule, which will take a little doing. The logistics of equipment and editing and feeds and so on, have proven to be a big time suck, particularly when I've got paying work to do. So while that's all getting sorted out, I thank you for your patience.

And since this is the first TNLD podcast, I would love to hear any feedback you have, either in the comments or emailed to lowdown@newlowdown.com.

Finally a big hollered thank you to Jake Blanton for letting me use "Almost Hit That Lady" for theme music. You are awesome.


ThursdayJava said...
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ThursdayJava said...

Thank you much for this post! I am an ardent fan of Ghosty's and have played Dumbo Wins Again far too often. Such harmonies on this song! Your blog and this interview are a happy find. - Sarah

Lee said...

Too often? I don't think that's possible. :) Glad you enjoyed the interview, Sarah. I hope to start posting more of them later this summer.