02 October 2009

TNLD Podcast 02: Rhythm and Ribs Flashback

Drum roll, please…

The New Low Down podcast is back!

This time around we take a trip back in time to the 2007 Rhythm and Ribs Festival in Kansas City, MO. Why? Because I was there, microphone in hand.

And why now? Sadly, the 2009 edition of the festival was canceled. But TNLD wishes the organizers the best of luck in 2010.

Also in this podcast, new summer mood music from The Sons of Brazil, Kansas City's longest-gigging Brazilian jazz combo. Their sunny 2009 release While You Were Out is available for order from Stan Kessler's website.

Listen now:

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You'll also be interested to know that my friend Michael Byars, who appears in this podcast, has a weekly new music podcast of his own called The Mailbox. TNLD says check it out!

Notes on TNLD Podcast
I plan to get these podcasts onto a regular schedule, which will take a little doing. The logistics of equipment and editing and feeds and so on, have proven to be a big time suck, particularly when I've got paying work to do. So while that's all getting sorted out, I thank you for your patience.

Comments please
I would love to hear any feedback you have, either in the comments or emailed to lowdown@newlowdown.com.

Finally a loudly hollered thank you to Jake Blanton for our theme music. Jake, wherever you are, you are awesome (but you already know that).

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