19 September 2010

TNLD Podcast 003: Stan Kessler of The Sons of Brasil

The Sons of Brasil have been bringing the bossa (and samba and other styles of Brazilian music) to audiences in Kansas City for almost 20 years. So who cares if none of them are Brazilian?

The Sons of Brasil released While You Were Out, their second CD in 2009. I talked with one of the founding Sons, trumpeter/composer Stan Kessler, about the group's love of Brazilian music, how they got started, and how the group's dynamic has evolved over the years.

Huge tip o' the TNLD hat to Stan Kessler.


Download TNLD podcast 003 [right-click, save-as]

Cuts featured in this podcast are:
  • Joao (Kessler)
  • Bala Com Bala (Bosco, arranged by Kessler)
  • Salvador (Kessler)
The Sons of Brasil are:
Stanton Kessler - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Danny Embrey - Guitars
Roger Wilder - Piano/Synthesizer
Greg Whitfield - Bass
Doug Auwarter - Drums/Percussion
Gary Helm - Percussion
With Luiz Orsano - Percussion
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Finally, a loudly hollered thank you to Jake Blanton for our theme music. Jake, wherever you are, you are awesome (but you already knew that).

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