15 March 2007

Metheney/Mehldau Quartet

Wishes sometimes do come true.

Last year, Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau put out Metheney/Mehldau (on Nonesuch). It consists primarily of guitar-piano duets. It is for the most part introspective, whispery lush and lovely.

But my favorite tracks were the two featuring the remaining two thirds of The Brad Mehldau Trio, bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jeff Ballard. I remember wishing at the time that there was a whole album of that stuff. And now there is.

I just got a hold of Quartet today. On the strength of one listen, I can say that I approve. The addition of the rhythm section adds a welcome energy and draws both the pianist and the guitaist away from their noodling instincts.

The Quartet starts a 27-city North American Tour today. Oh, how I wish I lived in one of those cities.


For more insight on the Metheney/Mehldau melding, check out this notorious interview from WYNC's Studio 360, which includes Mehldau's long-awaited dissing of Bill Evans. Familiarity and comparisons apparently breed contempt.

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