07 March 2007

An Up to Date jazz up

Another spate of new jazz is on its way. The Great Kraskini and I will spin and speak to some new CDs.

The Short List:
  • Frank LoCrasto - an amazingly gifted young pianist, composer, arranger
  • Tia Fuller - Leaving Beyonce behind for the love of jazz
  • Oscar Peterson, Bags and Ray Brown, too - I'm down with OP, see?
  • Also, new local from the Kerry Streyer Quartet and loco guitar organ trio
When to tune in
  • Friday, March 9 at 11:45 Central (or thereabouts)
Where to tune in
  • KCUR FM 89.3 on your radio
  • kcur.org on your interweb dongle
More complete list to come after the show (with links)

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