18 July 2007

Radio: New jazz update - Hello ladies!

Sorry for the short notice, but I'm doing another Up to Date update tomorrow featuring hot new jazz ladies.

  • Vocalist Sarah Gazarek and lovely lilting-ness
  • The Waverly Seven, featuring jazz clarinetist of the year Anat Cohen
  • Vocalist Deborah Cox and her tribute to Dinah Washington (no pressure there...)
  • Keyboard phenom Hiromi Uehara, the brain and fingers behind Hiromi's Sonicbloom

When to tune in
  • Thursday, July 19 at 11:50-ish Central
Where to tune in
  • KCUR FM 89.3 on your terrestrial radio
  • kcur.org on your web thingading
Updates to follow tomorrow-ish. As always, if you like these jazz segments, please let us know. Email the show at uptodate@kcur.org

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