18 September 2007

Eldar returns to KC

I had the chance to interview piano phenomenon (see the performance above for proof of that description) Eldar yesterday for a feature that will air next week. No surprise, but the kid's a sharp cookie.

Eldar's parents emigrated to the Kansas City area from Kyrgyzstan in the late 90s, arriving in Prairie Village when he was 10. For the next six years or so, Eldar studied with local jazz pros like Kim Park (and generally dropping jaws around the KC jazz scene) before signing with Sony and heading for New York.

Eldar says he's on the road about half of the time these days, and occasionally that brings him back to his old stomping grounds. Last summer, he simmered at the Corporate Woods festival (see some guy named Bill's review). Next week, he'll be back for a pair of concerts with the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra next week.

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