07 April 2008

Free: Balitsaris and Bandoneon

I was on the Palmetto Records site earlier today checking out the new Bobby Watson album when I came across a couple of fine freebies:
  • Bluegrass Girl, from the CD Big Black Sun by Matt Balitsaris & Jeff Berman
    This acoustic guitar and bass number (with shimmering vibes) conjures a beautiful sunrise in the woods. Reminiscent of "Under the Missouri Sky" and eminently diggable.
  • Oblivion, from the CD Zonda by Conosur
    Conosur features Al Di Meola guitarist Hernan Romero and guitarist/producer Tony Viscardo leading an ensemble that also includes Weather Report percussionist Manolo Badrena. Oblivion is the group's tribute to Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla and features Argentinian bandoneon artist Raul Jaurena. Sad beautiful stuff.
  • The other freebie up at the moment is a straight-ahead jazz number, which did nothing for me. Go figure.
Both Big Black Sun and Zonda are on sale for $8.99 which isn't free, but it is cheaper than iTunes and that's something.

TNLD says check it out.

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