02 June 2008

A Day with Harvey and Bo

I spent much of the morning following a string Harvey Korman videos on YouTube (starting here), which led to a string of Carol Burnett show clips and outtakes. Then this afternoon email brings word that the great Bo Diddley has passed. So it's back to YouTube where a retrospective of this sui generis pioneer is there for the searching.

All in all, a pretty good way to spend a day.

The clip above features the now foundational Bo Diddley riff stripped down to its essence. Why bother with lyrics about buying diamond rings? The riff is the man, as the man is the riff, world without end, amen. (To see just how wound that riff is into rock's DNA see this.)

Requiem in eternas, Bo. And Harvey. You made this world a happier place.

Korman clip tip from XO and TT (who are unlikely to ever share a sentence again).

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