16 June 2008

RIP Esbjorn Svensson

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Sad news for a Monday: A bright light in the musical firmament has gone out, and much too soon. Swedish pianist Esbjorn Svensson died over the weekend in a scuba diving accident near Stockholm. He was 44.

When I first heard the Esbjorn Svensson Trio (a.k.a. est), it felt as though the music was arriving from the future and the past simultaneously. Although generally labeled as "jazz," their music drew from classical and Baroque influences even as it reached out the hip hop generation, touring with Bjork and other "rock" groups. I'm proud to have his statement above serve as the motto for this here blog. To say he'll be missed is a severe understatement. est's 12th album, Leukocyte, is scheduled for release in September.

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