10 October 2008

Free: Ari Hoenig's Green Spleen

Word to the budget-wise: A free mp3 of drummer Ari Hoenig's funky-wah-wah composition "Green Spleen" is available here. Check it out.

It's from Hoenig's new CD "Bert's Playground" which dropped last month (on Dreyfus Jazz, a very cool French label).

Hoenig is joined by a raft of top-shelf NY jazzheads: Chris Potter and Will Vinson on their saxophones, Jonathan Kreisberg and Gilad Hekselman on their guitars, and doghousers Matt Penman and Orlando LeFleming (not all at the same time, of course, he's not Ornette Coleman). It's a mixture of new compositions and standards run through a sensibility that Hoenig refers to as "Punk Bop" which explains thusly:

"As a kid, I listened to a lot of punk and hardcore music as well as metal, reggae, funk, hip-hop, house and pop... I wanted to incorporate all my influences in this band..."

Long live the multiverse.

More info at Ari Hoenig's website and/or Myspace page.

Bonus viddie: Here's Hoenig's quartet (with Penman, Jean-Michel Pilc on piano and Jacques Schwartz-Bart on sax) perfroming "SKA" at the Fat Cat in NYC.

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