25 June 2009

The doggone Jacko's gone

Unless you bury your head in the sand, you're unlikely to miss the deluge of Michael Jackson tributes (or the accompanying snark festivals) to come in the following days. For me, few will top this preemptive salute from the mighty Millish, performed at the 2008 Kansas City Irish Festival. And, yes, that's Brubeck in there as well. (Tip via Jesse Mason of Millish.)

Listen to the crowd's reaction at the 4:40 mark. For all the weirdness, and there was plenty, the guy could write a hook. RIP Michael: you freak, you genius.

Part 1

And part 2:


Happy In Bag said...

Hey, I remember that gig! It was my introduction to Millish.

Lee said...

I actually got to introduce the band back in 05 (or was it 06?) They are a hep bunch of cats.