25 February 2011

Wanted: Magic Bassist

Spotted this recently on Seattle-Tacoma Craigslist Talent Gigs and had to share.
Established band with a lot of original material and more always being created. Practice in Bellevue at Evolution studios 2-3 night a week. Looking for a solid, creative bass player with his/her own unique voice to add to our music. This IS NOT a hobby band.

The right person for this band will possess a burning desire to be on the road touring, recording albums and playing in front of thousands of people every night. Someone who eats, sleeps and drinks bass would be nice.

For now though, at the local level, we need someone who can be available at a moments notice to play a show and is ready to move quickly when it comes to promotion, getting a video done (whatever is needed) and traveling out of state for a gig (most likely just the west coast for this year)

You must have a job, money, transportation, professional equipment and a vision of the future. You must be the type who never thinks he is good enough and strives to be better, always. You must be willing to work to give the best live experience for the audience that's possible. You must be able to do improvisational jamming.

We don't give a f*** what your age is. We don't give a f*** what you look like. As long as you are an honest, responsible, hard-working musician/person then that's about 40% of the battle.

The remaining 60% is the ability to express yourself through your instrument. If you happen to like guys such as John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee, Phil Lynott and Stanley Clarke then well, I think there is a good chance this will work. Really though, it doesn't matter who you are influenced by. Just be good and getting better.

We prefer to bring someone in the first time to just jam with us. No pre-listening to the music. If we like each other and think it may work we will give you a CD to learn from and we may even show you some tunes while we are jamming. Who knows what may happen. Just be flexible enough to handle it. We will book the room in one hour blocks to get a feel for the situation. If it is apparent within the first few minutes that it won't work we will kindly ask you to leave. No hard feelings. It's just business. And we expect you to do the same. If it feels good and sounds good we will jam for the whole hour.

We are a ROCK band and I like to consider it 70's rock with a heavy groove and modern sensibilities.

No slouches, f*** ups, drug addicts, narrow minds or mooches.

No, thank you.

Image above Air Guitar Hero by DavidDMuir.

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