15 May 2007

Radio: An Up to Date jazz quickie

Sorry for the lack of notice on this one, but I got a last-minute call to do a jazz segment on KCUR's Up to Date with Steve Kraske.

Today's Tracks

Artist - Andy Biskin Quartet
CD - Early American - The Melodies of Stephen Foster (Strudelmedia)
Track - Early American

Artist - Hank Jones and Joe Lovano
CD - Kids: Live at Dizzy's Coca-Cola Club (Blue Note)
Track -

Listen to the segment

As always, if you like these jazz segments, please let us know. Email the show at uptodate@kcur.org


emawkc said...

I'm subscribed to the UTD podcast, but I never seem to hear your jazz shows. Do they allow them to go out on the rss feed? Or am I just missing them.

Stephen said...


KCUR can't podcast music feeds because of copyright restrictions.

However, you can find them in in the Up to Date program archive (it's streaming...): www.kcur.org/UTDarchive

Stephen Steigman
Producer, Up to Date