13 May 2007

Vote for me!

The Public Radio Talent Quest
I haven't run for anything since my senior year in high school (damn you, Barry Gorter! - just kidding, mostly), but today I uploaded my first-round entry in the Public Radio Talent Quest. A full day ahead of the deadline, no less.

»You can listen to my "audition" it here.

To vote for me you'll have to endure a mildly complicated registration process. Believe me, you've navigated more complicated procedures to make toast.

I'm entered in the music category (go figure - then go vote!)


emawkc said...

Voted for you. Great audition! I wonder how many times I can vote.

Lee said...

Thanks for the kind words!

As for voting, I would NEVER encourage ANYONE to register multiple times. That sort of thing is beneath me.

If I make it to round 2, you can vote for me then.