02 August 2007

KC Alert: Organ jazz for Deadheads

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Ken Lovern fears no cheese.

The brave keyboard wiz also fears neither genre nor venue. He'll be flying his organ jazz freak flag this weekend as part of the 12th Annual Jerry Garcia Memorial Tribal Stomp at Davie's Uptown Ramblers Club. The event promises "2 nights & 1 day of awesome JERRY GARCIA related music" (their caps, not mine) performed in a variety of styles by a variety of groups.

Ken and the guys hold things down on the jazz tip Friday night between the Buttermilk Boys, a bluegrass band, and the Ramblin' Bears (the band not the sandals). Tix are $6.

Saturday night features The Risky Shift Phenomenon and The New Alligators, again at Davies.

Sunday afternoon the event moves to Theis Park and features a BYO-instrument jam. Groovy.

» More details here.

(Photo above by Brian Turner, from KenLovern.com)

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