03 August 2007

Meet the new jazz boss

Today's Kansas City Star has a profile of of Greg Carroll, the new executive director of the American Jazz Museum.

My interview with Carroll ran on KCUR's KC Currents last month.

Carroll has a big job ahead of him but he comes with an impressive resume. He's a percussionist who continues to perform when his schedule allows. I believe this makes him the first musician to head the AJM. He's also a longtime jazz educator, having taught in Colorado high schools and run the University of Colorado at Boulder's jazz studies program. He comes to the AJM after a decade with the International Association for Jazz Education, most recently serving as its director of education.

It's Carroll's association with IAJE that is raising hopes for the AJM's long-term viability. The IAJE is one of the most powerful organizations in the jazz universe, for good or not-so-good, depending on your point of view. If he can tap into that influence, it could benefit an institution still struggling to establish itself even after 10 years.

As the saying goes, we shall see.


Meanwhile over at PlasticSax, HIB asks "Can hippies save jazz?" (Nice cane, by the way.)

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