12 September 2008

Oh, Bob...

A couple weeks back I downloaded the song "Dreaming of You" from Bob Dylan's webdongle (and for a while yet you can, too). It's an unreleased track from 1997 (and will soon be part of Tell Tale Signs, Volume 8 in Dylan's "bootleg" series). The song is all you could hope for from a genius at what from this angle appears to be the onset of his winter years. And may it be a long, healthy and productive winter.

Now word reaches these parts that Amazon has "an exclusive video" of the song. My advice: stick with the download. Sure, it was put together by the label to pimp the album, but who would have predicted that something that features both Bob Dylan and Harry Dean Stanton could feel like such an obvious tool?

Of course, any Dylan video is going to have trouble clearing the long shadow of this:

Failing that I'd even prefer a baldfaced knockoff:

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